Upgrade PDI to Apache Hop

Don't let years of Pentaho development go to waste

Breathe new life into your project with a straightforward upgrade


Do you like Pentaho Data Integration? You'll love Apache Hop!

  • Apache Hop started as a fork of Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) in 2019.
  • Apache Hop keeps the visual development you love in PDI but is a lot cleaner and faster
  • Apache Hop adds tons of functionality to support your entire project life cycle.

Why upgrade to Apache Hop? 

Apache Hop was created by a team of Pentaho Data Integration experts and veterans who felt PDI platform wasn't used to its full potential. Apache Hop is an entirely new platform with its own philosophy, roadmap and development community. 

Why would you choose Apache Hop over Pentaho Data Integration? 

  • community-driven: like every other Apache project, Hop's development is entirely community-driven. No single company owns the project or determines its roadmap and development
  • flexibility: Hop was designed and developed to be as flexible and lightweight as possible. The full Hop build has an installation size 75% smaller than the size of Pentaho and starts in seconds, not minutes. 
  • life cycle management: developing jobs and transformations is just the start. Reliably deploying, running, monitoring and managing a project in production requires a lot of work too. Hop contains tools and functionality to support you throughout your project's entire life cycle.

Upgrading is easy

Converting PDI jobs and transformations to Hop workflows and pipelines is quick and easy. 

After the initial import, all your project settings, variables and database connections are available in a Hop project and environment, ready to continue working. 

Hop manages metadata a lot stricter than Pentaho, so there may be some cleanup to do. For example, Hop stores database connections on the project level and no longer stores database connections in each and every job or transformation file. 


The start of a journey

Your upgrade to Apache Hop is the start of a new data engineering and data orchestration journey.

  • Hop Gui is a complete visual development environment with tons of new plugins
  • projects and environments let you organize your code and configuration separately, both integrated with the git version control system
  • unit and integration testing functionality allows you to not only check if processes have completed successfully but also guarantee that your data was processed as expected.  
  • Devops and CI/CD platform integration allows you to guarantee flawless deployment
  • containers and kubernetes Helm charts let you run your projects in greenfield environments. 

Upgrade your productivity

Developing and running projects in Apache Hop is a lot easier, faster, and more fun than it is in Pentaho Data Integration. 

Become part of a growing global community of Apache Hop users and enthusiasts.

  • Enhanced metadata

    Apache Hop's improved metadata management lets you configure tens of metadata items at the click of a button.

  • From IoT to big data

    Apache Hop can be trimmed down to run on IoT edge devices or process petabytes of data in the full distribution.

  • Test-driven data development

    Unit and integration tests let you build workflows and pipelines to guarantee your data is processed exactly the way you expect it to.

  • Design once, run anywhere

    Develop your workflows and pipelines once, and run them where it makes most sense: in the Hop native engine, or on Spark, Flink or Google Dataflow 

  • Reliable Documentation

    Apache Hop treats documentation as a first-class citizen. You'll always get the right documentation for your Apache Hop version.  

  • A thriving community

    Apache Hop is developed and used by an active, vibrant, growing and welcoming global community. Welcome on board! 

Still not convinced? Let's talk!

Lean With Data is founded by the original Apache Hop founders. We have upgraded tons of projects from Pentaho to Apache Hop and would love to share our experience.