Apache Hop and Apache Beam

Run your Apache Hop pipelines where it makes most sense


Run your pipelines anywhere

Don't worry about designing pipelines that require specific technology. With Apache Beam you can run your pipelines on a wide variety of engines, all designed from the comfort of Hop Gui.


Run on leading data platforms

By leveraging the power of Apache Beam you can run your pipelines on world leading data processing systems. Hop has out-of-the-box support for Apache Spark™, Apache Flink® and Google Dataflow. These platform allow you to leverage the power of scalable distributed data processing to process massive amounts of data. 

No code required

Visually design and test your data pipelines in Hop Gui, Apache Hop's visual IDE, and run them on the platform where your data is. 

Hop contains flexible run configurations that let you configure your Hop project for your distributed platform of choice: Apache Spark, Apache Flink or Google Dataflow. 

In addition to multiple Beam-specific transforms, use any of the hundreds of supported transforms or actions that come with Apache Hop by default. 


As simple as possible

Modern data architecture are complex, Data pipelines have to process tons of data between very diverse platforms and in a variety of formats. 

With this level of complexity, keeping your data pipelines, their configuration and deployment easy to manage is not a luxury. Simplicity is a bare necessity.

Apache Hop was designed and built from the ground up to make simple things easy and complex things possible. 

Your data. Anywhere, anytime! 

Easily implement and manage batch and streaming data processing jobs that run on any execution engine.

  • Any execution engine

    Design once, run on any execution engine

  • On-premise or in the cloud

    Transparently work with on-premise and cloud platforms and data

  • Batch, streaming, hybrid

    work with streaming and batch platforms, or a combination of both 

  • Tons of functionality

    Use any of the hundreds of transforms and actions in Apache Hop 

  • Life cycle management

    Manage your projects through their entire life cycle

  • Pipeline unit testing

    Make sure you are processing your data exactly the way you expect

Still not convinced? Let's talk!

Let's discuss how your big data project can benefit from visual development, project life cycle management and data unit testing with Apache Hop and Apache Beam.