Apache Hop and Neo4j

Painlessly load data to Neo4j.
The right data, on time, every time. 


Graphs are everywhere.

Building them doesn't have to be hard

Quit using a plethora of tools to read, clean, combine and load data to Neo4j.
Apache Hop lets you read, model and load your data to Neo4, all from the comfort of Hop Gui.


Load data to your Neo4j graphs

Forget handcrafting your data loading projects with tools like LOAD CSV or neo4j-admin import, let's not even mention writing custom scripts in Python or JavaScript.

Apache Hop lets developers of all skills levels be productive when writing data to or reading data from Neo4j. 

Hop's integrated functionality includes over 20 different plugins to improve of Neo4j data developers

  • load data to Neo4j with Neo4j Output, Neo4j Graph Output or generate CSV files to bulk import 
  • read data or perform in-database manipulations directly through Cypher 
  • manipulate data in Hop's native graph data type to split graphs into nodes and relationships 

Use a platform, not a set of loosely coupled tools

As a complete data orchestration platform, Apache Hop takes care of your project's entire life cycle. 

Building pipelines and workflows is just the start. Continuously running data projects in production is another and often much harder challenge. 

Apache Hop provides tools to support your project: 

  • built-in support for projects and deployment environments
  • integrated version control code and configuration
  • unit tests to guarantee your processes not only run but also process your data correctly.
  • integration with CI/CD, IaC and other devops tools and platforms 

Don't build, no need to buy!

No platform integrates better with Neo4j than Apache Hop.

  • Load directly from your model

    Model your target graph, map your source data and load, all in one process. 

  • Load nodes and relationships

    Load nodes and relationships separately or connected nodes in one go for full control over your graph loading process. 

  • Full Cypher support

    query graphs, manage constraints, use graph algorithms are only a couple of clicks away with full Cypher support 

  • Lineage and auditing

    Build powerful lineage and auditing graphs with Hop's built-in logging and lineage functionality

  • High performance bulk loading

    Use the full power of Apache Hop to build and import csv files for high-performance bulk loading.

  • Aura Compatible

    There's no need for yet another tool to connect to Neo4j's hosted AuraDB service. Hop doesn't care where your graph lives. 

Want to find out more? 

We're continuously adding content to explore and explain how to get the most out of your Neo4j database with Apache Hop. Graphs are everywhere, we'll take you there!