Apache Hop 2.3.0 is available!

Apache Hop 2.3.0 is available!

The Apache Hop team released Apache Hop 2.3.0 yesterday. 

As the release announcement states, this is mainly a bug-fixing release. However, there are some interesting changes. 

A (mostly) bug-fixing release

integration-testsA total of 82 GitHub issues were fixed or implemented for this release.

Since the introduction of integration testing a long time ago, it has become standard practice in Apache Hop development to create integration tests for all new features and fixed bugs. There currently are over 250 integration tests that run on a daily basis to guarantee that a bug remains fixed once fixed. 

The integration tests not only help to improve the quality of Apache Hop as a platform. They can be equally valuable in your own projects. Get in touch to find out how integration tests can help you in building robust and reliable Apache Hop projects. 


Weblate - a new translation tool


Apache Hop is available in English by default, with pretty complete translations in Chinese (Simplified, zh_CN, 82% translated) and Italian (it_IT, 73% translated). Check the translation status for your native language here

Translating Apache Hop in the raw messages (properties) files is boring and error-prone. The Hop Translator tool was revived at the start of the Apache Hop project but hasn't really passed the test of time. 

Open source to the rescue. Weblate is a web-based continuous localization platform that makes translating Apache Hop to your native language a breeze. Changes are picked up regularly and merged into the Apache Hop code base. 

Check the Apache Hop translations contributor guide if you want to start or improve the translation for your native language. 

A new Vertica Bulk Loader transform


Vertica is a lightning-fast distributed analytical database by MicroFocus (which was coincidentally acquired by OpenText the day before Apache Hop 2.3.0 was released.

As with any of the other bulk loaders in Apache Hop, the Vertica bulk loader transform allows data loading to your Vertica cluster at much faster speeds than would be possible with a table output transform.  

The bulk loader uses Vertica's VerticaCopyStream to let you stream data directly from Apache Hop to a Vertica database. 

This transform was already part of the external plugin repository but is now a first-class citizen in Apache Hop. 



communityThe Apache Hop community continues to grow, both in numbers and geographically.

As the community grows, so does the number of active contributors. Active community involvement is what makes an open source project thrive and grow, a huge thank you and shoutout to everyone who participated in the Apache Hop 2.3.0 release. 





Apache Hop and Lean With Data 

Lean With Data actively develops and supports Apache Hop. We're ready to help you in every step of your Apache Hop journey with production support, coaching, architecture and training. 

Contact us to find out more.




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